Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunday 31 July 2011 Dhamma Talk

We are pleased to inform that there is a Dhamma Talk on 31st July 2011 (Sunday) after morning puja. For your info, Puja starts at 9.15am.

Details of Dhamma Talk as below :

Topic   : How to Practise in this Material World

Speaker : Sis Lim Guat Cheng

Time    : 10am - 11.30am

Venue   : Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden
          87, Jalan Puteri 5/7
          Bandar Puteri Puchong
          47100 Puchong

Speaker's Profile

Sis Lim Guat Cheng's involvement in Dhamma duta work, apart from being a Dhamma
speaker, include as a Sunday school teacher with Brickfields Vihara, a para
counsellor with BGFCU and part of the management team of Aloka Foundation
under Bhante Mahinda.

All are most welcome.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Invitation to Most Venerable Chief Reverend's Birthday

Ti-Ratana is holding a dinner to celebrate the birthday of our Most Ven. Datuk K. Sri Dhammaratana, Chief High Priest of Malaysia and appreciation to Ti-Ratana volunteers and supporters. The details are as below :

Date  : 24th July 2011 (Sunday)

Time  : 7.30pm

Venue : Desa Waterpark
        Taman Danau Desa, 
        58100 Kuala Lumpur

The Dinner is vegetarian buffet, free seating and free of charge.

You are welcome to join in the celebration and to wish Chief Reverend a very Happy Birthday!

Birthday Sangha Dana organised by Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre

Ciram Jiva.

You are cordially invited to join in the birthday Sangha Dana for Venerable Datuk K. Sri Dhammaratana at Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre on:

Date        : 23 July 2011 (Sat)
Time        : 11.00am
Venue       : Shrine Hall
Total monks : Approximately 5 monks (subject to change)

And we would also like to extend the invitation to the president, committees, volunteers and devotees of your respective Ti-Ratana Community centres & Ti-Ratana buddhist societies.

You are also most welcome to bring along food to offer to the members of sanghas.

Your presence will make this event all the more meaningful.

With Metta

Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre
21, Jalan Penchala
46000 Petaling Jaya

Tel : +603-7784 9002
Fax : +603 -7784 8002

E-Mail :

Web :

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday 24 July 2011 Dhamma Talk

We are pleased to inform that there is a Dhamma Talk on 24th July 2011 (Sunday) after morning puja.  For your info, Puja starts at 9.15am.

Details of Dhamma Talk are as below:

Topic   : The Way to a Fortunate Rebirth

Speaker : Bro Ananda Fong

Time    : 10am - 11.30am

Venue   : Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden
          87, Jalan Puteri 5/7
          Bandar Puteri Puchong
          47100 Puchong

Speaker's Profile

Bro. Ananda Fong hails from Kuala Lumpur, and is a graduate from the UK.

He was a student, facilitator and former Deputy Principal of the Buddhist Institute Sunday Dhamma School (BISDS) at the Buddhist Maha Vihara (BMV), Brickfields, KL.

He was also a facilitator and former Principal of Bandar Utama Buddhist Society (BUBS) Sunday Dhamma School, and its President.

During his service in BISDS and BUBS, he also helped as the co-organizer and facilitator of Dhamma School Teachers Training Programs.

He has been a facilitator in Dhamma Speakers Training Programs, and Tutor in Certificate / Diploma in Buddhism programs.  He gives Dhamma sharings regularly at Buddhist Societies in the Klang Valley.

All are most welcome.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chanting powerful sutras throughout 100 days (15th July - 22nd October 2011)

The Resident Monks who are observing Rains Retreat in Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden will be chanting blessing sutras every evening.

Time            : 8.30pm – 9.30pm.

Venue           : Main shrine in Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden ,Puchong.

Selected Suttas : Metta Sutta (For spiritual development)

                : Mangala Sutta (For receiving 38 blessings)

                : Tirokudda Sutta (To make departed relatives happy)

                : Bojjhanga Sutta (For good health)

                : Girimananda Sutta (For good health)

                : Ratana Sutta (For protection)

                : Dasadisa paritta (For protection from ten directions)

                : Jalanandana paritta (For protection from all the evil)

                : Jaya paritta (For victory and good luck)

Each sutra will be chanted 108 times.  Devotees are encouraged to offer jasmine flowers to the Buddha during the chanting throughout the 100 days.  Blessing water will be distributed on 22nd October 2011 evening which is the last evening of the chanting sessions and also falls on Kathina’s eve.

All are welcome to take this opportunity to experience the wholesome energies that will be generated by recitation of the holy suttas.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mandarin Classes for Adults at Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden

We are pleased to inform that Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden is holding Mandarin class for adults every Tuesday afternoon commencing as follows:

Date       : 19 July 2011 (Tuesday)
Time       : 2pm - 4pm

Venue      : Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden
             1st Floor,
             87, Jalan Puteri 5/7
             Bandar Puteri Puchong
             47100 Puchong

Instructor : Bro Frank Lew
Level      : Beginners

You will learn how to converse in Mandarin and recognise Chinese characters.

Charge     : Free of Charge

Vassana Kalo (This is the time to observe Rain Retreat)

We would like to inform you that the Resident Monks in Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden will observe Vassa Retreat in the Centre after the full Moon Day of July 15th, 2011.  Duration of the Vassa period is 3 months, which falls on the period from July 16th to October 11th, 2011.

During Vassa Retreat, Devotees are encouraged to provide the 4 requisites to Bhante.  They are namely Robes, Food, Accommodation and Medicines.

Bhante will be leading blessing services on requests, chanting of Bojjhanga Sutta and meditation sessions so that devotees can develop their spirituality.

At the end of the Vassa Retreat, Devotees will get a great opportunity to perform a Kathina Ceremony on Sunday, 23rd October 2011 which is one of the greatest and most meritorious activities.

Therefore we are going to invite Bhante to observe Vassa this Friday 15th July, 2011 at 8.30pm - 9.30pm at Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden.  You may join this invitation ceremony as well and obtain the blessings from the Triple Gem.

Saddhu Saddhu Saddhu!

Sunday 17 July 2011 Dhamma Talk

We are pleased to inform that there is a Dhamma Talk on 17 July 2011 (Sunday) after morning puja.  For your info, Puja starts at 9.15am.

Details of Dhamma Talk are as below:

Topic   : Using the Dhamma to Seek Wealth and Find the Balance

Speaker : Bro Tan Huat Chye

Time    : 10am - 11.30am

Venue   : Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden
          87, Jalan Puteri 5/7
          Bandar Puteri Puchong
          47100 Puchong

Speaker's Profile

Bro Tan Huat Chye graduated from UPM with an Education Degree and a Master Degree in Socio-Psychology from Universiti Malaya.  Currently is the Partner and Principal Consultant of  THC Consulting Sdn. Bhd.  Prior to this, he worked as General Manager of Organisational Development for a large local conglomerate in Malaysia ( The Sunway Group ).  In his tenure there, he strategized and implemented various Organisational Development initiatives such as Talent Identification and Development initiative, Succession Planning roll-out and Competency development work.  He had also worked as Senior Vice-President of Human Resources for Great Eastern Life and a Senior Consultant for HayGroup, a leading US global HR Consulting firm.

Bro Huat Chye got in touch with Buddhism since schooling days in Melaka – founded the Malacca Catholic High School Buddhist Society (1976), the Pasir Panjang Teachres’ Training College Buddhist Fellowship (1980) and Founding Members of Bentong Buddhist Association and Kemayan Buddhist Association. 

His main source of inspiration has always been the late Ven K. Sri Dhammananda, whose talks and writings had earlier introduced him to Buddhism.  Previously served 2 terms as the Committee Members of Buddhist Missionary Society of Malaysia and the Founding President of Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society, Puchong.

Bro Huat Chye has been actively giving Dhamma Talks and leadership training to various Buddhist societies of colleges & universities, temples and Buddhist centres.  He has written over a dozen popular commercial songs.  Also involves in Buddhist Music development work in Malaysia. – The original group member of the renown English Buddhist Hymns Group, the “Wayfarers”.

Bro Huat Chye has also personally produced 3 Chinese Buddhist Hymns albums in 1988 (Yi Can Deng), 1992 (Hui Deng) and 1994 (Deng).  He was appointed as the Head of the Panel Judges for Fo Guang Shan’s Master Hsin Yun “Sounds of the Human World” International Buddhist Songs Writing Competition (2008) held in KL Convention Centre.

At present, Bro. Huat Chye is officially the Advisor for the following Buddhist Organisations:

o       Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society

o       Bodhi Buddhist Group

o       Buddhist Business Network (BBN)

All are most welcome.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dhamma Talk

Interested in Dhamma Talk?

For your info, we are having dhamma talk every Sunday after morning puja.

We will keep you posted on the following weeks' talks soon! Stay tuned!