Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Countdown to Annual Kathina 2017

Countdown to Annual Kathina 2017   

Greetings to all Devotees! In conjunction with the Kathina celebration @Ti Ratana Lumbini Garden Celebration on 15 Oct 2017, we have made available the following items for devoteed to make their meaningful contributions:

1. Requisite Package A            - RM 300
2. Monk Robes  Package B      - RM 100
3. Requisite Package C            - RM  100
4. Requisite Package  D           - RM50
4. Token Contribution           - Any  amount.
5. Co Sponsorship                    - RM 500
6. Lotus Flower Candle   - RM 10 each.  (to drop into donation box during Kathina day)

Kindly do book early so that we can plan out all the requisites booking in advance.
For bookings, donations and contributions,  please bank into CIMB Bank Account No.: 8001551713 under: Persatuan Buddha Ti Ratana

And send us your bank in details once you have done via whatsapp to:
Bro Eng: 017 363 5135
Sis Pidley: 012 687 2848

You may contact our centre administrator  Sis Lina at 016 4214408 for any information and assistance.

Make it a personal effort and also do share to all other families’ members and friends to attend and deepen their understanding of this meaningful  event and all volunteers are most welcome to make the event a successful one.

Do contact or whatsapp our organising chairman, Bro Ken at 012 209 6287 for details

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Annual Kathina 2017 Ti Ratana Lumbini Garden Celebration 15 Oct 2017 ( Sunday 0900- 1300hrs )

Dear All Bro and Sisters,
Annual Kathina 2017 Ti Ratana Lumbini Garden Celebration 15 Oct 2017 ( Sunday 0900- 1300hrs )
Greetings and Happy Weekend !
We are pleased to announce that we will be celebrating the above event as part of our effort to reinforce our practices  and spirituality from the teaching of the Buddha and capture the essence of  true meaning of Kathina by :
  1. Deepening   our faith in the Triple Gem and  by putting the Dhamma teaching into DAILY actual practice.
  2. Renewing our commitment to support and our gratitude to the Sangha as bearers that had brought till today  the Buddha’s teaching from  2500 years ago.
  3. Making selfless effort to contribute financially and/or in kind to building,  maintenance and improvement of new and old communal facilities /activities for the development and betterment of the many as avenue to spread the Dharma teaching and practices so that there will be more peace and happiness for everyone.
  4. Dedicating our wholesome deeds and development so that we can attain Nibbana soon and be in a better position to help others .
This fundamental meaning of Kathina is very important so that we will not be lost in this current  chaotic world.
We hope you can take this opportunity to reinforce the above 4 foundations in your practices.

Roots of all Sufferings:
All of you are important in spreading the teaching of  Dharma so that all will learn on how to eliminate concept of ‘ self or I ’  which is the roots of all problems in this world and learn to give without expecting and achieve eternal peace, happiness and Nibbana by freeing oneself 
from all attachments and delusions eg .being petty,  craving, greeds, jealousy, ego, delusions, anger,  not happy , confusions , emotional etc……
In organizing big event like the Kathina ceremony or in our daily life , everyone has to work together. When people get together there are bound to be all sorts of clashes, e.g. personality clashes, methodology clashes, priority clashes and so forth.
 This is a time for you to practise patience, forgiveness, unaccepting each other weaknesses, guiding and  supporting each other , understanding and tolerance.
Loving-kindness is very important because it will help to foster patience, understanding and tolerance. Of equal importance is presence of mind and mindfulness.

Good Deeds with True Meanings
In conjunction with this , we hope with all devotees’ true  understanding  , we all can contribute  either in efforts as volunteers or financially or  both to make the our Kathina Celebration  a successful  and meaningful one by building our spiritual strength over time.
Each effort and actions must  fully understood and should not be selfish driven where we are only thinking of what benefits we are going to get and not thinking of other people.
Fund raised in this event is  for the Ti Ratana Lumbini Garden Building Maintenance Fund and support of Ti Ratana Welfare Society for its welfare activities  where these facilities is for  community activities such as development, learning and caring activities can be done for the benefit of all.
Activities by Ti Ratana include Educational efforts in both academic and Dhamma teaching,  Sunday Dhamma school ,  Meditation programs, Yoga Classes, Blessing services, Chanting Classes, Dhamma Talks and many more.
Programmes and activities during our Kathina Day include  Pujas, Meditation, Blessing of Devotees,  Robes and limited Requisites offering. Details will be advised to you in due course.
Kathina Main Sponsor
For all  information, the main sponsor for this year is Sis Check Lee who had passed away recently in an accident together with her other family members.
 Life is impermanent and one should make full use when we are given opportunity to live in this world before we leave.

Support from the Heart.
Make it a personal effort and also do  invite all other families’ members and friends to attend this meaningful  event and all volunteers are most welcome to make the event a successful one by contact me by whatsapp at 012 209 6287.
The following are how devotees can make a meaningful contributions :
Requisite Package A                 
RM 250
Monk Robes  Package B          
RM 100
Requisite Package C                
RM  50
Token Contribution         
Any  amount.
Co Sponsor  28 Puja and other Puja                         
RM 500
Lotus Flower Candle (can pay into donation box during Kathina day)
RM 10 each.
For booking , donations and contribution  , please bank into  :
Account number : 8001550047
Account Name: Persatuan Kebajikan Ti-Ratana.
And send us your bank in details once you have done via whatsapp to 017 363 5135 Bro Eng or Sis Pidley 012 687 2848 so that we can issue an official receipt for you and contact our centre administrator  Sis Lina at 016 4214408 for any information and assistance.
For any other form of contributions  ,  are also highly appreciated and most welcome as well.
All above is only meaningful to one if the above 4 foundations are fully understood and appreciated.
For more information about Ti Ratana  , check out our website and facebook for more details or whatsapp to me.
We wish you happy learning and practicing the Dhamma and may you  and family be well, progressive and in harmony always.
Thank you.  Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.
Warmest regards.
 Kenneth Oh - 012 209 6287
Organizer Kathina 2017 -  Ti Ratana Lumbini Garden, Puchong  ( 2 Sept 17)

PS : There will be Kathina Committee meeting on 5 Sept Tuesday  at Ti Ratana Lumbini Garden at 8.00 pm. All are welcome to join. Do whatsapp me your attendance. Thank you.

Cc :  Bhante Vineetha 011 3534 7910