Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dhamma Talk : Travels Dhamma

Dear all,

There will be a Dhamma Talk on this coming Sunday, 22nd June 2014. at 10am, after morning puja.

The Sunday School for Children will be on as usual.

The topic for the Dhamma Talk is " Travels Dhamma", will be delivered by Sis Lim Guat Cheng.

Sis Guat Cheng quits the corporate world in 2011 and spends her time between self practice and Dhamma service.  She is a committee member of the Metta Round the World project, an initiative by Aloka Foundation, committee member of Gotami Vihara, a centre for Women Renunciant in Malaysia and BMSM Shah Alam Branch.  

Please invite your friends who want to get exposed to the teaching of the Buddha, via our wonderful Dhamma Speakers.

All are welcome!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Monthly Activities for June 2014

Dear all, these are the activities for the month of June at the center.

For Ajahn Brahm's Dhamma Talk, please register at Limited seats, please act NOW!