Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Countdown to Annual Kathina 2017

Countdown to Annual Kathina 2017   

Greetings to all Devotees! In conjunction with the Kathina celebration @Ti Ratana Lumbini Garden Celebration on 15 Oct 2017, we have made available the following items for devoteed to make their meaningful contributions:

1. Requisite Package A            - RM 300
2. Monk Robes  Package B      - RM 100
3. Requisite Package C            - RM  100
4. Requisite Package  D           - RM50
4. Token Contribution           - Any  amount.
5. Co Sponsorship                    - RM 500
6. Lotus Flower Candle   - RM 10 each.  (to drop into donation box during Kathina day)

Kindly do book early so that we can plan out all the requisites booking in advance.
For bookings, donations and contributions,  please bank into CIMB Bank Account No.: 8001551713 under: Persatuan Buddha Ti Ratana

And send us your bank in details once you have done via whatsapp to:
Bro Eng: 017 363 5135
Sis Pidley: 012 687 2848

You may contact our centre administrator  Sis Lina at 016 4214408 for any information and assistance.

Make it a personal effort and also do share to all other families’ members and friends to attend and deepen their understanding of this meaningful  event and all volunteers are most welcome to make the event a successful one.

Do contact or whatsapp our organising chairman, Bro Ken at 012 209 6287 for details

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