Monday, September 22, 2014

GST Talk (28th September 2014) 1015am

Dear all,

Bro Eng Ching Kiaw is organzing a talk on GST on this coming Sunday (28th September) at 1015am, after the morning Puja.

Agenda :-

1) GST Overview
2) How GST will impact your business.
3) Registration of GST.

Goods & Services Tax(GST) is a new tax system  to be implemented in Malaysia to replace the current Sales and Service Tax.  It is a Multi stage consumption tax to be levied on goods & services at all levels of business transactions.  The objective of the talk is to brief devotees how this new tax system to be implemented, its implications and impact to business and us.  You will understand the basic structure of the key elements of the GST and its mechanism.

All are welcome to learn more about GST so that we can understand and best adapt to the new tax structure.

No prior registration is required.

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